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The Brautigan Library is a different kind of library, one devoted to unpublished manuscripts. It follows the vision of 20th Century American writer Richard Brautigan by providing a home for "the unwanted, the lyrical and haunted volumes of American writing." More than three hundred manuscripts are collected here, all submitted by authors with little or no opportunity to see their works commercially published. Each manuscript has its own, unique story to share. Learn more.


The Brautigan Library website is curated by Brautigan scholar John F. Barber, who also curates Brautigan Bibliography and Archive, the renowned online resource about Richard Brautigan, his life and works. Barber convenes with the faculty of The Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington, USA. His contact information follows.

John F. Barber
Email: jfbarber[at]eaze[dot]net
Web: www.nouspace.net/john/
The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program
Washington State University Vancouver
Curator, Brautigan Bibliography and Archive
Curator, Radio Nouspace