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Details about the forty four manuscripts in The Brautigan Library's "All the Rest" (ALL) category.


These manuscripts are classified in the "All the Rest" (ALL) category using The Mayonnaise System, a classification system developed for The Brautigan Library. The Mayonnaise System catalogs manuscripts using thirteen general categories, the year of submission, and the order of receipt. For example, LOV 1992.005 indicates the manuscript was the fifth one submitted in 1992 to the LOV(e) category of the library's collection. Manuscripts are listed below in order of their acquisition, from most recent to earliest. Manuscript numbers (MS #xxx) and "Posted" information indicate timeline of the collection's growth. Manuscript descriptions were provided by authors at time of submission. Comments from The Librarian provide additional information.


Manuscripts in collection = 44
1994 = 2 manuscript
1993 = 3 manuscripts
1992 = 1 manuscripts
1991 = 15 manuscripts
1990 = 25 manuscripts
Missing = 2 manuscripts

Stalin's Chicken and Other Abominations

Ronny Kaye
MS #307
ALL 1994.002
Posted 1994/02/09 by The Librarian

The stories in Stalin's Chicken and Other Abominations constitute a collection of eclectic weirditudes, ranging from the "Roman a clef," "A Quandry," parodying a small gallery of notable literary entities, to a nightmare adventure into prehistory in the final tale, "Naughty Boy Return (Goats Head Delight)." In between are forays into various modern sicknesses: NRA-style lunacy, domestic betrayals, the disease of ordinariness, the curse of dead love, necrophila, cocaine addiction, and so on. These are not traditional stories but rather a cartoon catalogue of contemporary abominations in prose form.

Comment from The Librarian

Ronny Kaye has submitted five manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are White Man"s Disease (SOC 1992.001), Songs of Love and Songs of Fear (POE 1992.004), Disturbances (ALL 1992.001), Triad (FUT 1992.001), and Stalin's Chicken and Other Abominations (ALL 1994.002).

Cold Fusion

Andrew Colameco
MS #299
ALL 1994.001
Posted 1994/02/01 by The Librarian

Cold Fusion is a novel that contains many of the elements of the author's three novellas already in residence in The Brautigan Library. House flies are still running the planet and farming humans. Peter Simmons spirals through his life and imagination while pianos fall from the sky and arrows wiz by, just missing the oblivious malcontent.

Comment from The Librarian

Andrew Colameco has contributed four manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are Einstein Doesn't Throw Dice (SOC 1990.013), Theories of Father (HUM 1990.012),The Relativity of Retreat (SOC 1991.009), and Cold Fusion (ALL 1994.001).

Take the Long Way Home

J. F. Dacey
MS #287
ALL 1993.003 A, B
Posted 1993/02/16 by The Librarian

Take the Long Way Home is the story of one full year as seen through the eyes of an all-night taxi driver. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes pathetic, sometimes strange, sometimes maddening, sometimes frightening, exactly like the people who pass in and out of the taxicab. Based on the author's own experiences as an all-night cabbie during 1979 in Lowell, Massachusetts.

OK, Into the Water Then

D. Thorogood
MS #274
ALL 1993.002
Posted 1993/02/02 by The Librarian

OK, Into the Water Then collects my discoveries, accidentally, of business practices and legal (though, unethical) use of public companies, monies, as practiced in the U.S. airline industry. The disparity gap, between the reality and the promises, regardless of all the laws: labor, OSHA, federal, state, EEOC, and California DFEH.

Tallin Avenue

Kent Presse
MS #273
ALL 1993.001
Posted 1993/02/01 by The Librarian

Tallin Avenue is a novel and blueprint for an envisioned television show in the tradition of St. Elsewhere, Twin Peaks, Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, Night Heat, Cagny and Lacey, M.A.S.H. (from 1979 to 1983), After Mash, and Lou Grant and it is a tribute to everyone who was part of the making of those shows. I envision as the theme melody for the show, Peter Cater's Coming Home. I hope it will inspire you as Gene Roddenberry taught me my voice, along with the creators of the above, to whom with the reader I dedicate Tallin Avenue. Enjoy!

Comment from The Librarian

Kent Presse is a pen name used by Peter Sibson. He submitted an update of sorts to this novel, entitled The Ballad of the Otter (Revised) in digital format in 2017 (MS #321; DIG 2017.001). Learn more.


Ronny Kaye
MS #254
ALL 1992.001
Posted 1992/02/25 by The Librarian

Disturbances is a collection of seven stories sharing a common theme—i.e., the disruption of normality. The settings of the stories range from near-future America to Pharaonic Egypt, from the wasteland of West Africa to the labyrinth of modern China. The narrative motif is storytelling, both simple and convoluted. The themes vary from psychosis to odd criminalities to mystical interference in human affairs. The common denominator is a guarantee in each tale of what the title implies: someone or something will be "disturbed."

Comment from The Librarian

Ronny Kaye has submitted five manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are White Man"s Disease (SOC 1992.001), Songs of Love and Songs of Fear (POE 1992.004), Disturbances (ALL 1992.001), Triad (FUT 1992.001), and Stalin's Chicken and Other Abominations (ALL 1994.002).

Youngblood's Pride

Robert Hazel
MS #213
ALL 1991.015
Posted 1991/09/18 by The Librarian

Youngblood's Pride is set in rural Tennessee midway between Nashville and Memphis. It is narrated by Clayton Andrew Jackson, III, retired attorney, and is the story of Michael and Rachel Youngblood and their two children, Morgan and Ralph. Youngblood's Pride is a sort of Michael Hohlhaas. Youngblood reacts in an (ultimately) violent and vengeful manner to the persons and forces that threaten and then attack his family and his dreams, and in so doing he actually contributes to their fall; this is a story of familial pride gone wrong.

The Great Writing Turn-On

June Kennedy
MS #210
ALL 1991.014
Posted 1991/09/16 by The Librarian

The spirit of self-image psychology sets the tone of The Great Writing Turn-On. The book uses and relies on children's original writings rather than adult models to help children learn to write properly, so kids of various interest and ability levels are really writing their own literature. NOTE: This manuscript is missing from the library collection.

Comment from The Librarian

Unfortunately, this manuscript was missing from The Brautigan Library collection when it was transferred from Burlington, Vermont, to Vancouver, Washington.

Roar Shock

Stafford Meeker
MS #207
ALL 1991.013
Posted 1991/09/12 by The Librarian

Roar Shock is the metaphorical evolution of a writer's mind. Or, to caution the unwary tenderfoot, I might simply call it a vulgar, humorous, religious, sci-fi book of entertainment.

The Raftman

Leon Robidoux
MS #199
ALL 1991.012
Posted 1991/08/09 by The Librarian

The Raftman is part of history. The two main entrepreneurs who prospered in Canada in the lumber industry were Americans by the name of D.D. Calvin and Philemon Wright. They both pioneered the rafting trade on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers.

Straight, No Chaser

Kristen Weinoldt
MS #194
ALL 1991.009
Posted 1991/07/30 by The Librarian

In Straight, No Chaser, Brian Marcus, Black American who lives in Germany and works as a detective in Hamburg, finds a body on the ferry from Denmark. It is the start of a bizarre case which takes him and his partner, Herbert, to the United States and involves them in an international conspiracy. In the process their friendship is tested, and Brian comes face to face with his own past which has been haunting him for years.


Richard Grayson
MS #196
ALL 1991.010
Posted 1991/07/30 by The Librarian

Thirties/Eighties by Richard Grayson contains the author's diary entries, one for each month, for the period between August 1981 and July 1991.

Comment from The Librarian

Richard Grayson has contributed two manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are A Version of Life (ALL 1991.005) and Thirties/Eighties (ALL 1991.010).


Jan Young
MS #197
ALL 1991.011 A, B, C
Posted 1991/07/30 by The Librarian

Bienvenidos is a Southern California historical saga spanning the years 1886 to 1913 in three volumes.

Ah, Camping in Vermont

Peg (Margaret) Thornton
MS #185
ALL 1991.008
Posted 1991/06/22 by The Librarian

Ah, Camping in Vermont captures some memories of going away to camp in 1929 in Vermont.

Comment from The Librarian

Peg (Margaret) Thornton has contributed three manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are Responses (FAM 1990.001), Ah, Camping in Vermont (ALL 1990.008), and Pastoral Poet of Vermont: Walter Hard (1862-1966) (HUM 1991.004).

Henry Miller's Tropic Trail

Jerry Risely
MS #184
ALL 1997.007 A, B
Posted 1991/06/22 by The Librarian

In 1962 pornography prosecutions were popular in Los Angeles, California. Prosecuting Attorney Roger Arnebergh courted fame. Grove Press decided to give it to him. They selected twice wounded Korean War Veteran Bradley Reed Smith, a book seller, to be Arnebergh's victim. Add to this Grove's selection of Mark Tumbleson, a lawyer someone at Grove had met at a cocktail party to defend the bookseller. Grove had to lose in the trial court. Prosecuting was Edward George, the top prosecuting attorney in Arneburgh's office. Assigned for trial to former court clerk Kenneth Holaday there was a verdict of "guilty," and a 30-day jail sentence. The United States Supreme Court upset the whole thing! Henry Miller's Tropic Trail tells the story.

Once Upon A Wishing Tree

Jamie Bays
MS #173
ALL 1991.006
Posted 1991/04/16 by The Librarian

For a few years of my life, I had the great privilege of living in this world that exists in my story, Once Upon A Wishing Tree. It was absolutely incredible. I long for those days now. Those days that, as others, are lost to the past. My dreams are constantly of those days filled with wild honeysuckle and jasmine, old farm houses covered over with wisteria and bright pink crepe myrtles lining the old driveways. A pang runs through my heart because I know my young loved ones will never know of this ecstasy but only through my story. NOTE: This manuscript is missing from the collection.

Comment from The Librarian

Unfortunately, this manuscript was missing from The Brautigan Library collection when it was transferred from Burlington, Vermont, to Vancouver, Washington.

Women with Funny Haircuts and Men Who Make Fun of Them

Jane Juska's class
MS #170
ALL 1991.004
Posted 1991/04/04 by The Librarian

Women with Funny Haircuts and Men Who Make Fun of Them is a collection of poetry and prose by a high school class in California.

A Version of Life

Richard Grayson
MS #171
ALL 1991.005
Posted 1991/04/04 by The Librarian

A Version of Life is taken from my diaries, one entry for each month from August 1969, when I was eighteen and about to start college after spending a year in my room due to agoraphobia, to July 1981, when I was thirty, an author of a commercially published book of short stories and a college instructor.

Comment from The Librarian

Richard Grayson has contributed two manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are A Version of Life (ALL 1991.005) and Thirties/Eighties (ALL 1991.010).

Dear James

William Marquess
MS #163
ALL 1991.003
Posted 1991/03/01 by The Librarian

A youngish man arrives in Paris on a graduate fellowship that he neglects in favor of street music, strange liaisons, and writing the letters that comprise Dear James.

Trivia, Tragedy, and Trifles

Robert Johnson
MS #157
ALL 1991.002
Posted 1991/01/29 by The Librarian

Within the pages of Trivia, Tragedy, and Trifles, you will find a vast variety of very short little accounts of humor, tragedy and trifles that occurred from the early 1860s to the 1940s. Much of the book is researched through the local public library in Graceville, Minnesota, but there are also a number of personal interviews with local people of the area. Most of the excerpts are from all over the world, but were printed in the Graceville Transcript or the Graceville Transcript Democrat. It is hoped that it will keep you interested in early history and happenings. RLJ.

Comment from The Librarian

Robert Johnson contributed two manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are Trivia, Trajedy, and Trifles (ALL 1991.002) and The Pine Forest (POE 1991.009).

No Common Thread

Christopher Buckley
MS #149
ALL 1991.001
Posted 1991/01/07 by The Librarian

No Common Thread is a collection of seven short stories. Though unrelated to one another, they deal primarily with the financially and emotionally downtrodden, and their separate and ultimate discoveries of the way the world around them really functions.

The Bruckner Versions

Felix Arnstein
MS #135
ALL 1990.025
Posted 1990/11/16 by The Librarian

Anton Bruckner, composer, teacher, organist, is dying. His young disciples Hugo Wolf and Gustav Mahler do not want to let go of him: they feel he represents a sort of adoptive father to them and much more, something intangible without which both feel their respective careers would be cut short at their very start. As for Bruckner himself, someone is trying to "improve" his symphonies. Who? Why? Will Bruckner discover all? Will wolf and Mahler succeed in preventing Bruckner from dying? And what about the Eternal Mistress? The Bruckner Versions tackles these and other questions.

Comment from The Librarian

Felix Arnstein has contributed two manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are Peter Prestwick and The Shadow (HUM 19910.001) and The Bruckner Versions (ALL 1990.025).


Ruth Sprague
MS #130
ALL 1990.024
Posted 1990/11/06 by The Librarian

Vermont is a musical play about Ethan Allen and set in the time of the Revolutionary War and Vermont's struggles to become one of the states. It tells of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to maintain their freedom and homes.

Reflections of A Quiet Man

Edward Malcom Collier #122 ALL 1990.023
Posted 1990/10/12 by The Librarian

Reflections of A Quiet Man is a collection of short stories written by my father, Malcolm V. Collier, during the nineteen-forties and fifties, primarily about small town America and its generally unsophisticated citizens. Following his death in September, 1985, the manuscripts were gathered by my wife, Jeanne, and I did some very minor editing. Except for "No Retreat" (written in 1942), the themes and characters are highly reminiscent of the people, locales, and attitudes that I remember as a boy, growing up in upstate New York and in New England, observing my father through eyes of awe and melancholy, always sensing a host of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations in him. Preparing these stories for printing exposed him to be a more sensitive, passionate man with far greater capacity for love than he was comfortable demonstrating during his lifetime. (E.M. Collier, 1990)


Alexander Stella
MS #107
ALL 1990.022
Posted 1990/09/13 by The Librarian

In Splish, a university drama instructor struggles to do right by his pre-teen daughter. His obsession for the "niece" of a philosophy professor plunges the drama instructor into a world of philosophy, poot-nam horror, and juvenile nudity.

Comment from The Librarian

Alexander Stella has contributed eight manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are iLinx (FAM 1990.005), War Dodger (SOC 1990.016), Nodes (SOC 1990.017), Splish (ALL 1990.022), Cinema Inspiration (SOC 1990.025), Crystal Star (MEA 1991.002), A Younger Earth (MEA 1991.003), and C Is for Caucasian (SOC 1991.007).

Stories & Essays

Maria Tei
MS #103
ALL 1990.021
Posted 1990/09/06 by The Librarian

The general theme of Stories & Essays is an attempt to show how difficult writing is. Secondly, the actual themes dealt with in the various pieces portray a woman's life. Thirdly, the point of alternately using an essay, then a short story, is to hopefully show the difference between one and the other genre, yet to boldly place them in one book. And why not? I am saying here that perhaps in the Brautigan Library this kind of daring has a place. Last, but not least, is the general philosophy running through the work: who are we all? And so, the student tried to write.

Auburn Angel

Anna Billings
MS #096
ALL 1990.020
Posted 1990/08/28 by The Librarian

Auburn Angel is about a time of different values, a point of view of fifty years ago, before women's liberation, legal abortion, massive welfare, and outspoken immorality. The setting is old New York and Miami during the start of the "Big Band Era" and illegal gambling.

The Adventures of Mohamed and Dee Lillie

May Janko MS #095 ALL 1990.019
Posted 1990/08/27 by The Librarian

The Adventures of Mohamed and Dee Lillie, a series of fantasy-adventures, reveals the all too human frailties and achievements of the title characters. The protagonist, Dee Lillie Mus, strives for love and survival. She, along with a well-intentioned human family and a warm-hearted egocentric cat, join forces in coping with a world that is too sophisticated for their provincial lives. They seek their roots, using the past for a security base as well as a bridge to the unknown future.


Robert Pool
MS #094
ALL 1990.018
Posted 1990/08/21 by The Librarian

Ontologies is a collection of short stories about love, work, and wandering; the stories are ultimately about, I guess, growing up. The tone is quiet and reflective, to serve as a lens for characters who are outsiders and for locales which whiz by like telephone poles.

Three Short Stories with Unexpected Endings

Albert Helzner
MS #093
ALL 1990.017
Posted 1990/08/27 by The Librarian

Each of these Three Short Stories with Unexpected Endings has a surprise finale. They are intended to keep you guessing until you reach the end.

Comment from The Librarian

Albert Helzner has contributed sixteen manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are 365 Bits of Wisdom To Enrich Your Life (SPI 1990.004), The Long Range Effect of Birth (NAT 1990.005), The Long Range Effect of Abortion and Other Essays about Life in the Universe (NAT 1990.006), Some Challenging Essays for You To Think About (NAT 1990.007), A Revolutionary Way of Looking at the Earth As A Planet (NAT 1990.008), More Challenging Essays for You To Think About (NAT 1990.009), Three Short Stories with Unexpected Endings (ALL 1990.017), October 6, 1984 to October 6, 1985, One Year To Life (NAT 1990.010), The World Is Wrong (NAT 1990.011), Life on Earth Before You Were Born (NAT 1990.012), October 6, 1990 (NAT 1990.013), From The Spirit of '76 and Other Thoughts (NAT 1990.014), Some Observations about the World We Live In (NAT 1990.017), Calendar Time and the Physical Meaning of Life (MEA 1991.001), Thirty Centuries (NAT 1991.001), and The Ongoing Condition of the Universe (NAT 1991.002).

Albert Helzner died in 2016. He was a chemical engineer with a patent in recovery of benzene gas in the production of ethylbenzene (US Patent 3,691,245, September 12, 1972) and was published in the professional journal Chemical Engineering (Helzner, Albert E. "Operating Performance of Steam-Heated Reboiler." Chemical Engineering, 1977, vol. 84, no. 4, p.73). He was a chess enthusiast who besides being in his High School chess club and enjoying postcard chess, won a Massachusetts Class A chess championship in 1966, as well as a Danvers, MA Chess Club tournament in 1967. Albert Herlzner left behind many writings and rejection letters from publishers. He did not talk about his writing, published or unpublished, but he was proud of his contributions to The Brautigan Library. We are proud to have his work as part of the collection.

A Case of Do or Die and Other Stories

Dan Blaukopf
MS #088
ALL 1990.016
Posted 1990/08/16 by The Librarian

A Case of Do or Die and Other Stories are stories written over thirteen years. They are about a mystical factory worker, nursing home patients, a married couple at a wedding, a youth who delivers oxygen for a living, an old black case manager who relies on folk wisdom, a supervisor at a computer company losing himself, a rock star trying to give up his father's legacy, and a husband and wife who give up their jobs to open a restaurant. Also a children's story and stories about young adulthood and the work world.

Comment from The Librarian

Dan Blaukopf has contributed three manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are The Fast (LOV 1990.001), A Case of Do or Die and Other Stories (ALL 1990.016) and If You Are Looking for Love, You Won't Find It on River Road (LOV 1990.012).

The Revolt of Peaceful Indians

Dean Lipton
MS #084 ALL 1990.015
Posted 1990/08/10 by The Librarian

No synopsis provided.


John Bican
MS #081
ALL 1990.014
Posted o1990/08/07 by The Librarian

Memoirs is a short history of my life from my years in college through a bout with polio, rehabilitation, establishing a running a business for thirty years, and having to retire after cancer surgery and the necessity of living in a convalescent hospital.

Rabun Redux

Rabun Blaylock (Mike Cheatham)
MS #071
ALL 1990.013
Posted 1990/07/19 by The Librarian

Rabun Blaylock's search for home and roots is frustrated by a highly mobile lifestyle and constant relocation. For over three decades an "American nomad," Rabun has met with personal tragedy and emotional turmoil at virtually every turn of his agonizing journey. They are his companions on this journey, as is a kind of accelerating entropy at the very core of his existence.

Another American Journey

Jerry Garrett
MS #064
ALL 1990.012
Posted 1990/07/11 by The Librarian

In Another American Journey a 40-year-old man quits his job and sets off to explore the land called America. He encounters a variety of strangers ready to talk. He also finds moments of American history, both major and minor, national and regional. Anecdotes of laughter, observation, poignancy and surprise.

Theory, Design, and Application of a Photocombustion Reactor

Richard Grant
MS #059
All 1990.011
Posted 1990/06/29 by The Librarian

A photocombustion reactor was designed and constructed to explore the radiation augmented chemical reaction of hydrogen and chlorine, under continuous burn conditions. Applications lay in the area of exoatmospheric propulsion. Ultimately, satellites could be propelled from the low earth orbit of the Space Shuttle to higher, more desired orbits, using the technology described in this paper. In doing so, the hydrogen-chlorine propulsion system would result in substantial cost reductions over the conventional hydrogen-oxygen system. Read all about this in Theory, Design, and Application of a Photocombustion Reactor.

Devils Pool

Beverly Mai
MS #056
ALL 1990.010
Posted 1990/06/25 by The Librarian

Alone, due to her father's death shortly after their arrival at this thriving Virginia settlement, seventeen year old Kate Mulherrin is discovered by Tory plotters when she overhears their plans to gain control by means of an impending Indian attack. Fearing emminent capture, it is with some misgiving that she flees in the company of tall, mysterious Micah Randele, with whom she falls in love during their grueling journey to the bitterly contested wilderness of Kentucky. Rejected by Micah, once there, and stunned by things she learns about him, she is trapped in a remote frontier station under constant threat of British-instigated attack, but too proud to admit her feelings, too destitute to refuse the charity of strangers until such time as she should marry somebody, anybody. This is the Devil's Pool.

Eddie's Three Score and Ten

Milton Sarvas
MS #051
ALL 1990.009
Posted 1990/06/25 by The Librarian

Eddie's Three Score and Ten is an accurate chronicle of events that occurred in a man's life, written in third person. Some names were changed, but dates, places and events were not.

Performance Anxiety

Weng Lee
MS #046
ALL 1990.008
Posted 1990/06/21 by The Librarian

Performance Anxiety is a collection of ten prose pieces of varying length (total pages: 269). These are self-conscious meditations. They talk about themselves as writings; perhaps to the point of implosion. They are also self parodying. Most of the pieces appear to be philosophical essays about thinking, meaning, writing, art and suffering, among other things, but they are pervaded too much with madness to be taken too straightforwardly. I myself consider them as fictions.

Nebraska Street

Garnet Kenaston
MS #042
ALL 1990.007
Posted 1990/06/19 by The Librarian

Nebraska Street is an account of my term in Vietnam. How I felt and the friends I made.

Roses and Saxaphones

Toni Graham
MS #039
ALL 1990.006
Posted 1990/06/11 by The Librarian

Roses and Saxaphones delivers the reader into a darkly comic world where women who are either recently divorced, single men with haunted pasts, or married with lovers, lead urban complex lives.

Death of a Cowtown

Jeanne Phillips MS #038 ALL 1990.005
Posted 1990/06/11 by The Librarian

Sims Dodge, after eluding the brothers of a man he killed in a gambling dispute, rides into a village in New Mexico and decides to hide out there for a while. The eight inhabitants all assume he is a lawman or bounty hunter, and the tension grows as they wait day after day for him to make his play. With the exception of a young girl who works in the mercantile, they all have criminal pasts of one kind or another, and one by one they fall to pieces under the strain. In the end, Dodge destroys the entire town without firing a single bullet, tosses his deck of cards to the wind, and heads for California with the girl. It is Death of a Cowtown.

Comment from The Librarian

Jeanne Phillips has contributed two manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are Death of a Cowtown (ALL 1990.005) and The Bloodstained Trail To Vengeance (ADV 1991.003).

Elsie "T"

Steven Muller
MS #031
ALL 1990.004
Posted 1990/06/04 by The Librarian

Elsie "T" (Landing Craft Tanks) is a World War Two adventure story. It is a true story about the comings and goings of a young man of draft age in the European theater of war. The writer, while serving aboard the L.C.T. #24, landed under fire at Africa, Sicily, Italy, Anzio, and Southern France. From raw recruit to combat veteran one comes to recognize the love between a sailor and Elsie, Elsie "T."

Jam Angelica

Gene Spaar
MS #019
ALL 1990.003
Posted 1990/05/24 by The Librarian

The comic novel, Jam Angelica concerns a very old pope who is going around the world in 1982 seeking contemporary angels. Jam Angelica is the name of the papal jet. After adventures in Lourdes, Paris and New Jersey, the climax of the pontifical quest occurs in Manhattan's Central Park.

Camp Terror

Dennis Manuel
MS #016
ALL 1990.002
Posted 1990/05/22 by The Librarian

In Camp Terror, Tina, a black camp counselor teaches Judy, a young Jewish counselor to dance "funky" and Judy teaches her to swim in return. Judy helps Tina keep her job at the camp, amid the racial antipathy in the camp. When the camp is terrorized by thugs, Tina tries to save herself and Judy.

Comment from The Librarian

Dennis Manuel has contributed two manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are Mother and Daughter (SOC 1990.002) and Camp Terror (ALL 1990.002).

Blood of Saints

Verbena Pastor
MS #007
ALL 1990.001
Posted1990/04/27 by The Librarian

Blood of Saints is a collection of six mysteries, which have as protagonists an unlikely detective team: an Italian police inspector, Sandro Guidi, and an officer in the German Army, Major Martin Bora. The time is 1943, and the place is northern Italy. The chemistry between the two men, made more difficult by the circumstances of war, curiously works to the advantage of their crime solving. In a period of great hardships, they are both honorable men, and their odd friendship proves that we can, if we choose, see past differences of culture, language and ideology. From the disappearance of a small town industrialist and the murder of a second rate starlet, to the killing of two children in a lonely wooded area, Guidi and Bora combine their talents and resources: the solutions they reach are often unexpected and sometimes disturbing, always provocative. Both characters are loosely based on people the author has directly or indirectly known. Bora, in particular, is patterned after a German officer who risked career and life to help the persecuted Jewish population of Rome. The collection is an accurate depiction of rural Italy in World War II.